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Understanding the industry terminology, commodity markets and delivery contracts that affect your marketing decisions is critical in today’s volatile marketplace. Using the tools available in Grain Marketing Solutions to manage risk should be one of the main goals of any marketing strategy. All of the services will provide training but the Advanced Package is designed for the marketer that has or wants to utilize a brokerage account to manage risk.

  • understanding terms used like basis, futures, long, short, buy, sell, support, resistance, puts, calls, etc.
  • understanding Delivery Contracts, how to use them and the associated risks
  • with the Advanced Package you will learn by doing to gain knowledge, confidence and how to manage risk

Market Watch

Markets are timely and many opportunities are short lived. By using the Basic or Advanced Packages, futures markets will be monitored and you will be informed of any major changes and how they affect the marketing strategies.

  • contact will be by phone, email or text depending on the urgency of major futures market changes
  • notification of potential opportunities for selling grain, buying or selling futures or options (Advanced Package Only), pricing basis contracts, etc.
  • it is the producers responsibility to maintain contact with buyers ( it is encouraged ) but if there is an opportunity to sell grain, you will be contacted.


Strategy is one of the most important components of having a successful marketing plan. Being prepared so you are proactive, instead of reactive, will allow you to make confident and timely marketing decisions.

  • the Weekly Report will provide a broad view of what has affected the market and other factors that may influence it
  • by using commodity charts and fundamental information a marketing plan or strategy can be established
  • how to utilize all of the marketing tools in an open market system to manage risk (Advanced Package Only)

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