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Weekly Market Report

$1,000 per year + GST

This report will be emailed to you at the end  of each week from Grain Marketing Solutions and will show the week’s closing prices for U.S. and Canadian exchanges. It will also detail the changes from the previous week, market trends, support/resistance levels, targets, market influences and will give a general overview showing the week’s performance as well as providing recommendations.

This package is designed for someone who wants a report that consolidates the vast amount of information available today and puts it into a format that is easy to follow and shows how to utilize it.

To determine if you would like to sign up for a year’s publications, call or email for samples of previous reports.

Basic Package

$2.00 per acre Max $5,000.00 / year + GST

With this package, you will receive the weekly report that summarizes the week’s events to give you direction and advice in order to assist you with your decisions. You will also be notified on a daily or hourly basis, of changes in the market that may affect your strategy. This will be done by phone, text, or email, depending on the urgency.

This service is designed for the producer who wants a more personal approach to marketing and wants to discuss their marketing decisions.  If the maximum $5,000.00 yearly fee is reached, you are eligible to utilize the Advanced Package.

Advanced Package

$5,000 per year + GST

This comprehensive package provides the  same service as the basic package plus it offers training and utilization of futures and options to manage market risk. This will increase your knowledge and confidence as a marketer and reduce the stress related to marketing grain.

With this service we will meet in person twice a year, if needed, to implement training, discuss strategy, your personal requirements and overall performance. Strategies will be based on needs such as cash flow, bin space, etc., and will use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. These strategies will be discussed and changed when needed throughout the year, based on fundamental changes.

This package is designed for the producer that utilizes his/her brokerage accounts (hedging or speculating) or for someone who wants to develop their knowledge and confidence to manage the risk in an open market system.

All packages require that the producer maintains a working relationship with buyers

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